"I have been using Petadolex for 2 years and have found that in combination with prescription medication, I can maintain my neurological health. I highly recommend others to give Petadolex a try. What have you got to lose!"**

Lauren Demore  |   West Milford, NJ

"Petadolex was recommended to me by my neurologist, and it works very well."**

Page Kurtz  |  Cape Porpoise, ME

"It has supported my healthy blood vessel tone in my brain. Using Petadolex has dramatically reduced the out of commission time I used to experience on a regular basis."**

Sally McLeod  |  Foster City, CA

"I have been using Petadolex for approximately two years following the advice of my physician (Allan Rifkin). I feel it helps maintain normal blood vessel tone in my brain, especially during those times when my hormones have normal monthly fluctuations. My experience suggests that the product performs precisely as described."**

Tori Jennings  |  Madison, WI

"My name is Chris Bausch, I am a professional Photographer and I need to maintain healthy, normal blood flow in my brain. I went to the New England Center. There they told me about Petadolex, I figured what the heck, I will give it a try. After a few weeks I noticed how the product provided incredible support for my blood vessels in my head. Also there are no side effects that I can see, no groggyness, I have also noticed less depression than I had had in the past. This should be looked into. I love this stuff. If you think I am a shill for this Company here is my cell phone number. You can call me direct. 631-682-xxxx. Buy it and try it. I have even given the info to my Pharmacist who has friends she feels needs something else."**

Chris Bausch  |  Huntington, NY

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choose your strength