Feel like yourself

Petadolex® supports neurological health and helps you feel like yourself again.

  • Real Butterbur Root Extract

  • Trusted by Neurologists

  • Cited by standard-of-care Guidelines

  • 100% Free of Toxic PA

  • Gluten & Wheat Free

  • Natural Alternative

The real butterbur extract on the market

Our real PA-Free butterbur extract

Introducing our top-of-the-line Butterbur root extract - a high-quality, PA-Free and patented extract that is sure to leave you feel better. Our Butterbur root extract is carefully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients, making our natural supplement a game-changer in promoting brain health.

  • Tori Jennings

    “Since taking Petadolex®, both the intensity and duration of my migraines have been reduced . . . I am taking fewer injections and tablets and am better able to manage my migraines.”

  • Chris Bausch

    “After a few weeks I noticed less headaches, and when I am good and take the Petadolex® as prescribed I rarely get them.”

  • Tonya Bruner

    "After the first month of using Petadolex® I charted a 20% decrease in my migraines from the previous month. I have told everyone I know who suffers from nasty migraines to try Petadolex®. Petadolex® makes life easier."

Petadolex® Made to stringent German standards of supplement quality

Finally, with Petadolex, you can now experience the amazing benefits of butterbur without any concerns about potential adverse effects. Petadolex is a premium supplement that has been formulated with your health and safety in mind. We understand the importance of using only high-quality ingredients, which is why we source our butterbur extract from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict German standards. 


Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a product that not only delivers on its promises but also exceeds your expectations. With Petadolex, you can trust that every capsule contains the butterbur extract without any harmful additives or fillers.

  • provides only science-based patentedingredients and finished products

  • backed by studies that are published in medical journals

  • over more than half a century of experience

  • manufactured in Germany