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About Petadolex Butterbur

For people who experience neurological discomfort, butterbur is a common natural remedy. Herbal butterbur supplements can help maintain muscle tone and blood flow in cerebral blood vessels and reduce spasms and inflammation associated with neurological discomfort.

Petadolex butterbur gel caps offer a safe, easy-to-digest dietary supplement. Petadolex butterbur is manufactured using a patented purification and toxin-removal process and is certified PA-free.

Petadolex Butterbur Safety

The butterbur plant in its unpurified powder form contains natural pyrrolizidin alkaloids (PAs) that may cause liver damage or liver cancer. PAs can be eliminated only while in a liquid form and cannot be eliminated from solid or powdered butterbur root. Only Petadolex is manufactured by a patented method for extracting the beneficial liquid of the Butterbur plant without the PAs.

What Is the Butterbur Plant?

Butterbur is an herb originally found in Europe and parts of North Africa and Asia. The plant grows in damp, marshy areas and along riverbanks with large heart-shaped leaves. The name butterbur comes from the reported ancient practice of using the leaves to wrap butter. Extracts of the plant's roots, leaves and flowers have been used as far back as the Middle Ages for head discomfort.

Petadolex Dosage

For Adults: one 50 mg Gelcap two or three times daily, or one 75 mg Gelcap twice daily. For children between the ages of 6 and 9: consult physician. For children between the ages of 10 and 17: one 50 mg Gelcap two times daily or as directed by a health care professional. Children should not be given 75 mg Gelcaps.

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